Explore some of our favourite projects and read testimonials from clients about why they love working with Coast and County. 

Explore some of our favourite projects and read testimonials from clients about why they love working with Coast and County. 

Property Management 

Property Management 

Looking after landlords is the centre of our service. Here’s how we’ve helped clients to build their portfolios and get dependable returns from their investments. 

Case Study:  Landlord's Legal Quandary in a 24-Bed HMO 

Case Study:  Landlord's Legal Quandary in a 24-Bed HMO 

Having leased his HMO property to various tenants since buying the property in 2022, he had always relied on the previous owner’s documentation to govern these arrangements. However, his focus had been primarily on maintaining the properties, and he had overlooked the importance of serving the correct documentation to his tenants. 
The Non-Paying Tenant 
The immediate problem arose when one of the tenants, stopped paying his rent for several months. The landlord, wanting to address this issue promptly, sought legal advice to initiate the eviction process. Little did he know, this was just the tip of the iceberg. He instructed a solicitor at the cost over £5,000 to evict the tenant, unaware that having served an illegal tenancy in the first place, the money already spent was of little value. 
Revelation of Illegal Tenancies 
Upon a thorough review of all the agreements associated with the HMO property, it was discovered that none of the tenancies had been served with the correct documentation as required by law. This revelation was a shock to our landlord, who was unaware of the severity of this oversight. 
Legal Implications 
Serving a tenancy without the correct documents in the UK is a serious offence and can result in severe penalties. Landlords are at risk of being fined £10,000 for each tenancy and potentially face imprisonment. 
Challenges Faced: 
Tenant Eviction 
The immediate concern was the eviction of the non-paying tenant, who owed several months' worth of rent. However, due to the illegal nature of the tenancy agreement, the eviction process became complicated. 
Legal Compliance 
To rectify the situation, Coast & County needed to serve the correct documentation to all the tenants, a process that was time-consuming and required expert knowledge. 
Financial Implications: The potential fines and legal fees associated with rectifying the situation posed a significant financial burden to the landlord. 
Steps Taken: 
Engagement of Coast & County 
We promptly engaged to represent the landlord as we specialise in landlord-tenant disputes and HMO regulations. 
Tenant Eviction Process 
With the assistance of Coast & County, we initiated the eviction process for him, ensuring all steps were taken in compliance with the law. 
Rectification of Tenancy Agreements 
The team worked diligently to draft and serve the correct documentation to all the tenants, ensuring compliance with HMO regulations. 
Successful Tenant Eviction  
The tenant was successfully evicted in compliance with legal procedures. 
Compliance with HMO Regulations  
All tenancies were rectified, and correct documentation was served to each tenant. 
Mitigated Financial Impact 
Through negotiations and demonstrating a commitment to rectify the situation, the landlord did not face any repercussions. 
Lessons Learned: 
Legal Compliance is Paramount 
Landlords must prioritise legal compliance and regularly review their tenancy agreements to ensure adherence to current regulations. 
Engagement of Experts 
Seeking professional advice and representation is crucial in complex situations, such as tenant evictions and HMO management. 
Proactive Approach 
Prompt action in addressing legal issues can prevent situations from escalating and lead to more favourable outcomes. 
In conclusion, this particular case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of legal compliance in property management. Through the diligent efforts of our team, the situation was rectified, emphasising the critical role of our expertise in navigating complex landlord-tenant matters. 

Property Development 

Property Development 

From new builds to full restorations – we’ve successfully built properties of all shapes and sizes in Scarborough and across the North East. Here’s how we’re helping investors get maximum returns. 

Case study:  Columbus Ravine, Scarborough 

Case study: Columbus Ravine, Scarborough 

Conversion of a 6 Bed Victorian Detached House into 3, 2 Bed Luxury Apartments 
This case study presents the successful transformation of a 6-bedroom Victorian detached house into three distinct, high-end 2-bedroom luxury apartments. The project was undertaken by Coast & County with a proven track record in historic property conversions and upscale residential projects. 
Project Overview:  
Location: Columbus Ravine, Scarborough Duration: October, 2020 to March 2021 
Convert the existing 6-bedroom layout into three individual, high-end apartments. 
Integrate modern amenities and design elements while preserving the historical character of the property. 
Ensure compliance with building regulations and requirements. 
Issue: The local regulations presented constraints on the property's usage, requiring meticulous adherence to building regulations. 
Solution: Extensive consultations with local planning authorities were conducted to clarify requirements. The project was then designed to align with both historic preservation guidelines and contemporary building standards. 
Space Optimization: 
Issue: Designing functional 2-bedroom apartments within the existing structure while maintaining a sense of luxury and spaciousness. 
Solution: Skilled architects employed space-saving techniques and open-concept layouts. Clever spatial planning allowed for the inclusion of modern amenities without compromising the original architectural charm. 
Structural Modifications: 
Issue: The conversion necessitated structural alterations to accommodate separate apartment units, including the installation of additional walls and floors. 
Solution: A structural engineer conducted a thorough assessment and recommended reinforcements where needed. Non-invasive modifications were employed to maintain the structural integrity of the building. 
Utility Upgrades: 
Issue: The existing plumbing & electrical systems required significant upgrades to meet modern standards. 
Solution: A comprehensive evaluation of existing systems was carried out. Outdated components were replaced, and new, energy-efficient installations were integrated to ensure optimal performance for each apartment. 
Historical Preservation: 
Issue: Retaining and restoring the original Victorian features while incorporating contemporary elements posed a challenge. 
Solution: Specialized craftsmen were enlisted to restore or replicate intricate mouldings, cornices, and woodwork. Original flooring and architectural details were carefully preserved or replaced with reclaimed materials to maintain the historical authenticity. 
Luxury Apartments: 
The project successfully transformed the Victorian house into three separate, high-end 2-bedroom luxury apartments, each boasting modern amenities and premium finishes. 
Preserved Heritage Elements: 
Original Victorian features were meticulously restored, creating a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance in each apartment. 
Compliance and Functionality: 
The conversion adhered to all regulations and building codes, ensuring each apartment met the highest standards of safety and functionality. 
The conversion of this Victorian detached house into three luxurious 2-bedroom apartments exemplifies the expertise and dedication of the development team. By overcoming challenges related to regulations, space optimization, structural modifications, utility upgrades, and historical preservation, the project successfully married the best of both worlds—preserving the property's heritage while providing modern, upscale living spaces. The result is a testament to the careful planning, skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail employed throughout the conversion process. 

Case study:  The Old Dutch Embassy, Hull 

Case study: The Old Dutch Embassy, Hull 

Conversion of The Old Dutch Embassy into 12 Luxury Apartments 
This case study details the successful transformation of The Old Dutch Embassy in Hull, a Grade II listed building constructed in 1629, from offices into 12 exquisite luxury apartments. The project presented unique challenges due to its historical significance and proximity to the River Humber. 
Project Overview:  
Location: [Address] Duration: [Start Date] to [End Date] 
Convert the historically significant building into 12 luxurious, high-end apartments. 
Preserve the Grade II listed status and historical elements of the property. 
Navigate challenges posed by the proximity to the River Humber and the original owner's wish to be entombed in the building. 
Grade II Listing: 
Issue: The property's Grade II listed status required meticulous preservation of historical features, limiting alterations. 
Solution: A conservation architect was engaged to provide expertise in navigating the planning process. Detailed documentation highlighted the intention to maintain the building's original charm while repurposing it for modern living. 
Proximity to the River Humber: 
Issue: The building's location near the river Humber posed potential challenges related to flooding and erosion. 
Solution: A flood risk assessment was conducted, and appropriate flood mitigation measures were implemented, including reinforced foundations and flood-resistant building materials. 
Historical Significance and Original Owner's Request: 
Issue: The building's historical significance, including its construction date of 1629, and the original owner's request for entombment presented sensitive considerations. Yes, we had dead bodies in the walls! 
Solution: Consultation with heritage experts and the conservation department ensured that all actions were in compliance with historical preservation regulations. The entombment request was respectfully honoured through careful restoration of the designated area. 
Structural Integrity: 
Issue: The building exhibited signs of aging, including deteriorating masonry and structural elements. 
Solution: A thorough structural survey identified areas requiring reinforcement and restoration. Skilled craftsmen were employed to carry out meticulous repairs, ensuring the building's stability and safety. 
Luxury Apartments: 
The Old Dutch Embassy was successfully transformed into 12 luxurious, high-end apartments, each designed with modern amenities while retaining historical charm. 
Preserved Historical Features: 
Original architectural elements, including timber beams, decorative plasterwork, and period-appropriate fixtures, were carefully restored and incorporated into the new design
Honoured Historical Significance: 
The project respected the building's rich history, with special attention paid to preserving the original construction date of 1629 and honouring the original owner's request for entombment. 
The conversion of The Old Dutch Embassy in Hull into 12 luxury apartments stands as a testament to the expertise, dedication, and sensitivity of our development team. By addressing challenges related to its Grade II listing, proximity to the river Humber, historical significance, and the original owner's entombment request, the project successfully blended the old with the new. The result is a harmonious integration of history and modern luxury, offering residents a unique and prestigious living experience in a piece of Hull's rich heritage. 

Case study:  West Bank, Scarborough 

Case study: West Bank, Scarborough 

Refurbishment of a 2 Bed Victorian Terrace into a 4 Bed with Kitchen Extension 
This case study outlines the successful refurbishment of a 2-bedroom Victorian terrace house into a spacious 4-bedroom residence with a modern kitchen extension. The project was in line with our values, preserving the history whilst bringing it into the 21st century. 
Project Overview:  
Location: West Bank, Scarborough Duration: November 2022 to March 2023 
Convert the existing 2-bedroom layout into a 4-bedroom configuration. 
Add a kitchen extension to create a contemporary living space. 
Add a loft conversion 
Preserve and enhance the original Victorian architectural features. 
Structural Integrity 
Issue: The original structure showed signs of wear and tear. 
Solution: A structural engineer conducted a thorough assessment. Our initial thoughts were the property might need underpinning but thankfully this wasn’t the case. 
Planning Permissions: 
Issue: Obtaining planning permission for the kitchen extension and UPVC windows and composite door was a lengthy process due to the backlog observed during lockdown. 
Space Optimization: 
Issue: The challenge was to create additional bedrooms and a spacious kitchen without compromising the overall layout's flow and aesthetics. 
Solution: An architectural redesign maximized space utilisation, utilising loft conversion techniques and reconfiguring internal walls to accommodate the new layout. Additionally, a rear kitchen extension was carefully integrated to seamlessly blend with the original structure. 
Matching Period Features: 
Issue: Sourcing period-appropriate materials and fixtures to maintain the house's original charm posed a significant challenge. 
Solution: Specialist suppliers were engaged to provide reclaimed bricks, tiles, and architectural details in keeping with the Victorian style. Skilled craftsmen were employed to replicate intricate mouldings and woodwork. 
Utility Relocation: 
Issue: The location of existing utilities required repositioning to accommodate the new kitchen extension. 
Solution: A comprehensive survey was conducted to assess the feasibility of relocating services. Necessary adjustments were made to plumbing, electrical, and gas lines to ensure compliance with safety standards. 
Expanded Layout: 
The refurbishment transformed the property from a 2-bedroom to a 4-bedroom residence and including a “super kitchen”. 
Modern Kitchen Extension: 
The new kitchen extension seamlessly integrates with the original structure, providing a contemporary living space that complements the Victorian aesthetic. 
Preserved Historical Features: 
Original Victorian features such as mouldings, cornices, and fireplaces were carefully restored or replicated, maintaining the property's historical integrity. 
The successful refurbishment of this Victorian terrace house into a 4-bedroom residence with a kitchen extension stands as a testament to our expertise, careful planning, and dedication of our construction team. Overcoming structural challenges, obtaining planning permissions, and preserving period features were key elements in ensuring the project's success. The final result is a harmonious blend of old and new, offering a comfortable and stylish living space for the occupants. 

Project Management 

Bringing plans to life – looking after the entire build to ensure things run smoothly, to time and to budget, with work completed to the highest standards. Here’s what investors think about our service. 

Case Study:  Coast & County Project Management - Exterior Renovation and Garage Conversion 

Case Study:  Coast & County Project Management - Exterior Renovation and Garage Conversion 

Project Overview: 
Coast & County, was tasked with transforming the above project. The project encompassed a comprehensive exterior renovation, including repointing the brickwork, installing external lighting, and converting the existing garage into a functional utility room. 
Structural Integrity: The property's exterior brickwork had suffered from weathering and required extensive repointing to ensure long-term stability. 
Lighting Design: Strategically positioning external lighting fixtures to enhance both aesthetics and security required careful planning and design. 
Utility Room Conversion: Converting the garage into a utility room necessitated plumbing, electrical work, and interior design considerations. 
Project Phases: 
Initial Consultation and Planning (March 2023): 
Detailed assessment of the property's condition. 
In-depth discussions with the clients to understand their vision and requirements. 
Developed a project plan, timeline, and budget estimate. 
Brickwork Repointing (April 2023): 
Coast & County's team of skilled team meticulously repointed the exterior brickwork, restoring its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. 
Regular progress reports were provided to the clients, keeping them informed of the work's status. 
External Lighting Installation (May 2023): 
We introduced a lighting design specialist to collaborate with the clients to create a tailored lighting plan. 
Coastal & County's team expertly installed weather-resistant, energy-efficient fixtures to illuminate the property's exterior. 
Garage Conversion (June 2023): 
Demolition of the existing garage door and internal fixtures. 
Plumbing and electrical work for the installation of washing machine, dryer, sink, and storage units. 
Interior design elements including paint, flooring, and lighting to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing utility room. 
Final Inspections and Client Walkthrough (July 2023): 
Rigorous quality checks were conducted to ensure all work met industry standards and client expectations. 
Our client was invited for a final walkthrough, where they expressed their satisfaction with the transformation. 
Coast & County's trusted team successfully revitalised the property, delivering on all project aspects within the agreed timeline and budget. The exterior brickwork now stands as a testament to both craftsmanship and durability. The strategically placed external lighting not only enhances the property's curb appeal but also provides added security. The newly converted utility room offers convenience and functionality while seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetic of the residence. 
Client Testimonial: 
"We are thrilled with the results of the project. Coast & County's team demonstrated exceptional skill and professionalism throughout. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality truly exceeded our expectations. The property feels transformed, and we couldn't be happier." 
Key Takeaways: 
Skilled Workforce: Coast & County's team of experienced professionals demonstrated expertise in masonry, lighting design, and interior conversions. 
Effective Communication: Regular updates and transparent communication with the clients ensured a smooth project flow. 
Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks at every phase of the project ensured the highest standard of workmanship. 
Project Management Expertise: Coast & County effectively managed all aspects of the project, from planning to execution, resulting in a successful transformation. 
By successfully executing this project, Coast & County has further solidified its reputation as a trusted and reliable project management company, dedicated to delivering exceptional results. 

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