Over the past three and a half years, it has become increasingly common for us at Coast and County to offer free advice to landlords and tenants who are not part of our management system. 
This practice started through referrals from our business associates who recognized the value of our services and directed individuals to seek our assistance. 
What initially began as informal consultations has now evolved into an integral part of our business. 
Our goal have always been to provide support to those who find themselves in difficult situations with uncooperative landlords, negligent agents, or problematic tenants. This free advice sessions, often referred to as "surgeries," have enabled individuals to assert their rights and challenge rogue individuals and businesses that have failed in their responsibilities. 
By engaging in these conversations, we equip tenants and landlords with the knowledge and tools they need to address their current predicaments. 
Many tenants and landlords approach us when they feel trapped in an awful situation, unsure of their rights or the steps they should take. We listen attentively to their concerns and provide guidance on what needs to happen to resolve their issues. 
Although our primary focus is on managing properties under the Coast and County banner, we extend our assistance to those outside our management system. This approach reflects our commitment to promoting fair and ethical practices in the rental market, irrespective of individuals who maybe associated with our company. 
We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to reliable guidance, regardless of their affiliation. 
The impact of our free advice sessions has been significant. We have witnessed numerous instances where tenants have been able to move into a Coast and County property or landlords who have joined us under our management system. 
By helping individuals navigate their challenging situations, we have not only restored their faith in the rental market but also fostered a sense of hope and empowerment. 
No Cost, Just Compassion 
It is important to emphasize that we do not charge for these services. We are driven by the desire to assist those in need and to promote a more tenant-centric approach within the rental sector. Our team of knowledgeable professionals willingly shares their expertise, ensuring that individuals are equipped with the necessary tools to overcome their current difficulties. 
If you know of a landlord or tenant struggling in an awful situation, we encourage you to pass on our details. 
To myself or Sarah and we will dedicated our tine to provide them with the guidance and support they require to navigate their current circumstances. It is crucial for individuals to understand that they are not alone and that there are compassionate individuals and organizations willing to help them. 
Neil Street-Bailey 07543 636977 or neil@coastandcountyproperties.co.uk 
Sarah Corrie-Pearce 07712238889 sarah@coastandcountyproperties.co.uk 
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